Julia Borecka

EVS presenterar Julia Borecka

Date of Birth: 09.10.1987
Place of birth: Zabrze, Poland
Nationality: polish
Position:outside hitter
Jersey Number: 12
The team since: 2010
Previous clubs: Florida Southern College, BKS Bielsko-Biala
Sporting achievements: Sunshine conference Regional, champion of Patriot League Conference,

What do you like about you most? My ears;)
Where do you relax? At the beach playing beach vball with friends
If you'd not be a volleyball player, what would you be then? Beach vball player :P
What do you do after a win? Party!!!!
Personal goals for the season: fully recover from the injury
The most beautiful city? Miami


What TV show are you attached to? X-factor, American idol, grey’s anatomy, modern family, new girl, bunch of polish shows
What movie could you watch over and over? Stepmom
What music do you like best? R&b, Latina, hip hop house
What makes you laugh? Funny Youtube videos
What is your dream holiday destination: Thailand and Japan
Favorite food? sushi

3 things that I otherwise like: garlic, marabou chocolate and tele2 commercials
3 things I do not like: cinnamon, celery and when people laugh in the background in comedy shows
Your personal motto is: “You may fall so many times, but always stand up!”
In the future I look forward to having a big and happy family

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